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  • Oct, 16 2019
    Mike Savino
    Look, its not this branch's particular fault.

    Over the christmas holidays I overdrafted my account due to auto-deposits being withdrawn and not being able to make it to a branch (who knew that they don't have any on Long Island, New York?).

    That's not their fault.

    However, organizing my debits in order to maximize overdraft fees are. And I'm relatively certain I can request them not to overdraft my account under any circumstances. I should be able to reject payment if I don't have the funds. I am under the impression (perhaps incorrectly?) that this is a federal law.

    Sovereign wouldn't after I repeatedly asked them.

    They refused to waive the overdraft fees--even though this is the first time its happened in 3 years as a customer.

    They offered to waive one but when I stated I wanted to close my account, refused. Fair enough, its meant to retain me as a customer but I found it classless.

    They refused to cash my paycheck saying it wouldn't clear for at least a few days so I could close out my account. Despite me using them, again, for 3 years.

    My checking account is not officially closed. It will accept debits and credits for the next 30 days. So, basically, I didn't close my account. If I happen to miss, oh, I don't know, my cable bill from being auto-debited? I'm sure I'm in for more overdraft fees. Oh, and they didn't tell me this--I had to basically squeeze it out of them. "Are you absolutely certain my account is now closed? I want nothing coming to your bank any more." "Let me make sure, sir."

    They've been sending me unsolicited pre-approved credit cards. Which, again kind of my fault, I may have accidentally activated by mistaking it for a replacement debit card. Except, here's the fun part, those credit cards aren't actually run by Sovereign. So they can't tell me if I opened a credit card or not at the branch. Despite the fact that their name was slathered all over the card, paperwork and envelope.

    A few things I want to say at the end of this: First, I'm certain I'm not done with this awful experience. Second, the tellers there are very nice and polite, its not their fault at all. Third, I want to say that I had a 5 dollar balance at the credit union, they cashed my check and they gave me the option of never having my account overdrafted. This was after being rejected at sovereign. So I had to leave the bank, go to a competitor whom I'd never done any business with and they treated me better.

    I don't want this to be whatever, little guys vs. big banks. All I can say is that I felt that my bank, !MY BANK!, who I trusted with my money saw me as an ATM for themselves instead of as customer and partner.

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